The Students Commission of Canada

We are a charitable organization that purposely works with others to help create a world where young people are valued and heard and their ideas for improving themselves, the lives of their peers and communities are put into action.


Large cartoon map of Canada stretching to the horizon. Large letters Y and A sit at each end of Canada. A young person jumps from the Y to the A.

We believe in a world where all young people positively transition into a successful adulthood

Knowledge represented as a cartoon brain that is picked up and carried by a running young person. Knowledge in action.

We Turn Knowledge into Action and Action into Knowledge by:

Three arms joined by interlocking hands.

We Strengthen Others through Networking by:

  • Amplifying the work of those organizations that support young people to be heard and valued
  • Working with others to support young people to thrive
  • Building capacity of others to practice and deliver meaningful youth engagement
A young person and an adult carrying the map of Canada.

We #WalkTheTalk by:

  • Working in inter-generational partnerships to achieve our purpose and desired outcome
  • Continuously Incubating and innovating so that we can generate sparks for positive change
  • Working with vision and passion to integrate head, heart, feet and spirit in all that we do